Follow Media is founded by Andrew Burgher who brings over 10 years of experience in digital content creation.


With a Bachelors in film and experience in production, Andrew is able to seamlessly bring together all areas of video production, photography, and graphic design. With a passion to create and hard working determination, you can be sure that you will be in great hands.


Andrew has always had a passion for the outdoors, exploring the mountains while backpacking, hiking or camping with over 2000miles hiked under his boots. He is also and an avid cyclist having raced downhill in high school and now still continues to ride both mountain and road bikes. Other activities he enjoys are kayaking, rafting, attending music festivals, and just generally being outside. "It is these times that getting out into the fresh air that I am able to clear my mind of distractions. I enjoy the process of collaboration and thrive on the reactions of those whose ideas I am able to bring to life."


Follow Media is here to provide businesses and individuals alike with an affordable solution for their media needs. Whether it is promotional materials for a business, coverage of an event, capturing a wedding, real estate, tv commercials, narrative film, etc... we are here for all of your media needs.